Wetherspoon’s Now Has A ‘Build-Your-Own’ Breakfast Option

The way we order food will never be the same again. While the concept of ordering in isn’t new, Wetherspoon’s new Build-Your-Own Breakfast option is something we never knew we needed in our lives. Traditionally, food delivery services only offer a fixed menu for their customers to choose from. However, the popular pub chain’s decision to introduce an in-app option where diners can choose what goes onto their plates is revolutionary!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And we all have our own ideas of what a perfect morning meal is. And the good folk of Spoons know this. So, they’ve made their bestselling options available for your customized breakfast feast. So if you’re into the eggs and bacon combo, you can skip the rest of the traditional pub-style brekkie. We like this concept not just because it lets us select what food items we want to chow on, but because it’s a really, really clever way of reducing food waste.

wetherspoon build-your-own breakfast platter


Wetherspoon’s Build-Your-Own Breakfast feature allows customers to fix their morning meal any way they want

The custom order features sausages, rashers of bacon, fried eggs, hash browns, baked beans, flat mushrooms, grilled tomato halves and slices of either white or brown toast on the menu. You can customize your plate with any of these items for as low as £3.65, depending on the branch. So if you’re in the mood to munch on 14 hash browns, go ahead!


While this custom food option is new, patrons of the pub chain’s app have been raving about it for while. In fact, people love the app so much. It’s definitely helped improve their overall pub experience! Spoons had their patrons in mind when they launched the app, stating that:

“It’s perfect if you’re visiting the pub on your own and don’t want to lose your table or you don’t want to carry a large round of drinks through a busy pub on a tray. It’s also a game changer if you’re not as mobile or sitting a long way away from the bar, in one of our beer gardens or an upper floor area. Let us do the leg-work and bring your order to you.”

screenshot of the build-your-own breakfast option on the wetherspoon app
Wetherspoon App


It’s only available to 100 Spoons locations for the meantime

At the moment, this is still in its testing stage. It’s currently available in 100 branches nationwide. You can check in with the app to see if your local Spoons is among the lucky ones. We’re happy to confirm some locations for you to. The offer is used at Manchester’s The Paramount on Oxford Street, Waterford’s The Moon Under Water, Morecambe’s The Eric Bartholemew, Preston’s The Grey Friar and The Furness Railway in Barrow.

wetherspoon breakfast platter


Make your own version of the English breakfast at Wetherspoons