Genius Tattoos That Work Well With Birthmarks

Many of you reading this will have been born with a birthmark, or, know someone that has one. They are extremely common and come in many varieties. Some are small and subtle whilst others are more obvious. Many people don’t mind their birthmarks, some are actually proud of them but for certain people they can cause issues when it comes to self confidence.

Here we have an awesome list of genius tattoos that either feature birthmarks or cover them up. Plenty of great ideas here if you’re in need of inspiration. Take a look!

This birthmark burns bright.

A lovely koi. 

The best looking carrots we’ve ever seen!

One for the Pokemon lovers!

A cool constellation.

The perfect design for a birthmark that resembles a cookie!

We like the idea of having a dragon by our side.

When this person is feeling bored with their life they can look down at their little island and escape. 

What a great tribute to ‘In the aeroplane over the sea’!

What a gorgeous horse.

This little hippo now has some scenery to enjoy.

A cute and bold floral design.

This port wine stain has been transformed!

We love the bird twist on this feather.

Isn’t it so great to see such unique creativity? We also think it’s wonderful that there is something out there that can help people to feel more confident in themselves and less self conscious. It’s easy to say we should be proud of the things that make us different but everyone has the right to feel comfortable with their looks. If you are struggling with a birthmark we hope these images have given you some ideas on what you can do to feel better. Keep going for more awesome tattoos!

This person must be a huge fan of Jordans!

What a lovely idea!

We admire the unique twists people choose!

Who wouldn’t smile waking up to this everyday?

Isn’t it great that tattoos give people the chance to be more confident in themselves?

Simple yet brilliant!

This Philippine eagle has been done excellently.

This bad boy was drawn on in pen but it’s an awesome concept so we included it anyway. 

We like the idea of having a wolf on your shoulder, as if it’s watching out for you. 

A woolly mammoth tattoo with real hairs!

A fabulous water color rose.

This is adorable!

A bit graphic but each to their own and it works perfectly!

This little birthmark now soars high as a star.