This Awesome DIY Kit Allows You To Build Your Own Mezzanine


We know how difficult it can be to live in a small apartment, but we also know that it's all about maximizing the space that you do have. So, if you haven't got enough floor space to fit everything in, how about creating your own mezzanine to use as a bedroom, lounge, or even for storage. 'Expand Furniture' has come out with this DIY kit that's easy to assemble, which means you can build your very own mezzanine area in just a number of hours. It's recommended for a space with high ceilings, like a New York style loft apartment, but its modular design allows for height and width adjustments, so you can fit it to the apartment that you have. At just over $3,000 it's not exactly cheap, but we can't think of any more cost-effective ways of adding an extra 100 square feet to your apartment! Check it out!
Website: Expand Furniture


Expand Furniture


Expand Furniture



If you'd like to see how a similar model fits together, check out the video below!


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