Outdoor Cats Will Love Relaxing In This Heated Cat House

Some cat owners choose to keep their furry felines indoors while some give their cats the freedom to play outside. If you are one of the latter, you definitely need to get this heated outdoor cat house for your precious kitty. While keeping cats exclusively indoors keeps them safe from outdoor dangers, allowing cats to roam outside also has its own advantages. They develop natural feline behaviors such as hunting, territory patrolling and socializing. However, cat owners are forced to lock their pets inside their homes in winter due to harsh frigid temperatures. Well, that was before this cat house came into existence.

heated outdoor cat house for kitty

For kitties that just can’t get enough of the outdoors, this cat house will keep them warm even when it’s freezing cold outside. It has a pad inside that automatically heats up when plugged into any outlet. Furthermore, the heating pad is thermostatically controlled. This means that the pad only turns on when it detects the weight of the cat. And it will automatically shut down when the bed is empty.


This cat house includes one removable heating pad and two transparent door flaps

thermostatically controlled heating pad


heated outdoor cat house


heated outdoor cat house with heating pad

This cat house is made with 600 denier nylon with a vinyl backing, making it waterproof. It offers an interior space measuring 13 inches wide, 16 inches high and 16.5 inches deep. So, it can accommodate up to two small-sized cats at once. The house comes disassembled and is flat packed.

But you don’t have to worry about assembly because it can be easily put together using its Velcro wall attachments and zipper. Simply lay the roof flat on the ground. Put each wall up and secure them with Velcro. Tuck in the flaps under the roof, plug in the cord and you’re all set.

for kitties that love to sleep outside

Also, the cat house features two exit doors on each side. It comes with 2 optional clear flaps that you can attach on the doors to keep winter elements away. Plus, the flaps also help insulate the house so it stays warm and cozy for hours. You can choose from five different designs – olive, barn, cottage, log cabin and realtree edge camo. It is also available in an unheated version that is a much cheaper price.

Perfect for cats that love to stay outdoors even in the middle of winter, get it now and use its one-year limited warranty. One satisfied customer wrote:

“Our cat needed a place to stay warm outside. He loves the cat house. When he walks pit of his house, his tummy is all warm so I know the heating pad is working good. Great value for the money. Our cat is about 18 lbs so I would say it would fit up to 25 lb pet, or a couple small cats.”


Barn Design

heated outdoor cat house barn design


heated outdoor cat house barn design side


removable heating pad bed


optional transparent flaps


Cottage Design

heated outdoor cat house cottage design


heated outdoor cat house cottage design side


cottage design heating pad transparent flaps


Log Cabin Design

heated outdoor cat house log cabin design


heated outdoor cat house log cabin side


Realtree Edge Camo

heated outdoor cat house realtree edge camo


heated outdoor cat house realtree edge camo design


Olive Color

feline home with heating pad


feline abode with heating pad

Get yours here.


Check out the video below to watch the heated outdoor cat house in action