10 Weird Trends That Will Leave You Feeling Confused

Nobody ever said that life had to be boring, but there are some style trends that are just taking it way too far. Whether they’re over the top, really not cool, or simply inappropriate, there are certain trends below that will just leave you confused. We’re sure that our clothes and accessories aren’t on point 100% of the time, but we certainly won’t be jumping on board with these trends any time soon! Take a look!

Apparently ‘swants’ (sweater pants) are a thing now. So, if you’re in need of some winter woolies, you could turn an old sweater into a pair of pants. Or you could just go out and buy some new pants.

These robotic tails have sensors and wag when you’re excited or droop down when you’re indifferent. Why?!

These might look like they belong to disco-loving elves, but these super pointy shoes are popular in Mexico.

Practical? Perhaps. But it’s not just bugs you’ll be repelling if you wear these mosquito net pants.

Live pet jewelry.

We know glasses are badass, but wearing them without lenses just looks silly.

Okay, maybe not a trend, but it was tradition in Croatia for wives to knit warmers to protect their husband’s private parts from the cold. This lady is keeping the tradition alive.

Stick on facial hair for those who can’t grow it.

In China, these ‘facekinis’ are actually popular for protection against the sun’s rays.

There was a time when getting braces was a kid’s worst nightmare, but it’s now so cool that people are buying fake ones to wear.