13 Weird Photos That People Found On Their Cameras

In this day an age, most people have a smartphone in their pocket at all times. This means that it’s easier to capture those strange moments that come along. But, what if you get a new phone, or camera, and there are some weird photos left on it? Or, sometimes a picture might pop up on your camera roll, that you don’t even remember taking! Check out these thirteen weird photos that people found on their cameras!

This perfectly-timed photo was found on a woman’s phone after going swimming with a friend!

A college student lost their phone. A week later, it was posted in their mail slot, with this photo on it! Scary!

Looking through old photos, one guy found this picture of his old algebra teacher!

This is, allegedly, a leaked photo of a Chinese gangster. Cash and tea is

The dude in this photo woke up to the bottom of his sweatpants missing, but then he found this photo on his phone. Must have been quite some party as he’d completely forgotten doing this!

This woman found the following selfie on her camera after having dental surgery.

This photo was found on a man’s phone after a wild night on the town. He doesn’t remember, and is glad he doesn’t. It’s probably for the best.

One guy found this photo on his phone from April 20th (aka 4/20).

Someone found this photo of their grandmother on a cruise. She looks like she is having the best time!

A man woke up after a heavy night in Vegas to find this photo on his camera. He doesn’t recall the woman in it, but she’s wearing his sweater! 

Another forgotten photo from a crazy night. Why someone would need to wash a tube of ‘Nivea’ is beyond us, but we’re sure they had their reasons at the time!

Somebody found a disposable camera and had it developed. This was one of the shots on it. Creepy!

When a woman got a new phone, this photo was left on there from the previous owner…