14 Crazy Inventions From Japan That Are Borderline Genius

You can always count on the Japanese to create the most awesome, and at times, crazy inventions. There are so many bizarrely genius items that come out of the country, it’s unbelievable. This intriguing Japanese practice is named ‘Chindogu’ which means priceless or valuable tool. Take a look at these crazy inventions and see which ones you wish you had in your life. We think they’re all pretty cool.

Sound Catcher Pillow

Square Watermelon


Ear Explorer


Butter Grater


Umbrella Tie


Rain Proof Umbrella


Hearing Enhancer


Eye Drop Funnels


Silent Karaoke


Shoe Umbrellas


Chopstick Fan


360 Degree Camera


Bubble Wrap Key chain


Banana Case