You Can Now Get Dr Pepper, Crush Orange And A&W Root Beer Flavored Candy Canes For The Holidays

Candy canes are arriving ready for the holiday season! If you’ve visited your local supermarket lately, you’ve probably noticed that they’ve already begun slowly stocking up shelves for Christmas. Our favorite brands have already begun their onslaught of seasonal releases and we’re welcoming everything with open arms. One of the things we look forward to every winter are candy canes. There are lots of versions of the iconic holiday treat this year. Oreo and VK have already joined the cane game, and now soda fans can now enjoy Dr Pepper Candy Canes!


Dr Pepper Candy Canes


These Candy Canes have us bubbling with excitement

That’s right, you can now buy soda-flavored candy canes on Amazon. The Dr Pepper flavored canes are part of Frankford’s 12-piece offering. In the set you will find red, brown and orange-colored canes which indicate what soda it’s infused with. Red canes have Dr Pepper, the brown ones are made with A&W Root Beer and the orange ones are infused with Crush Orange. Each variant has four canes so you can share with your friends and family and decide which flavor is the best.


“Ah, Christmas time brings comforting feelings of long-standing tradition, brightness and bubbling excitement. Come to think of it, so does soda. Combine the two together and enjoy Soda Candy Canes, Christmas hard candies flavored like some of your favorite sodas.”

Frankford Soda Candy Canes nutrition facts

Frankford’s soda-flavored candy canes have been filling stockings since 2014. This bizarre candy cane combination piques the curiosity of candy cane lovers every year. There’s no doubt that this bizarre version of the seasonal hard candy will be making rounds in our stockings again this year. Per the review of CandyBlog, the Dr Pepper candy canes are attractive and just slightly different from the classic peppermint candy cane. The blog also noted that the candy cane infused with the iconic soda has a red center.

Furthermore, the blog also said that the candy cane delivers a nice flavor balance. You’ll taste the black cherry and amaretto flavor notes that you recognize from the famous soda. Children receiving this soda-flavored candy cane will surely find its tongue-coloring effect entertaining too.

This soda-flavored candy cane is a great novelty treat to share this holiday season


Get your candy canes here. It’ll definitely be a buzz-maker at your annual Christmas party at home or at work! You could also just stash them away for yourself. We won’t tell!



Get creative with these soda pop candy canes. Watch it be turned into Christmas cotton candy:


Get your candy canes here.