This Could Be The Most Beautiful Mosaic Sink Ever


For the most part, sinks are useful, functional everyday items that we don't usually give a second thought to. However, every now and then, a sink can be a work of art, too! Alexey Steshak is an artist, decorator and interior designer. Steshak came up with the idea of a mosaic sink and decided to craft the whole thing from scratch. This wood and ceramic sink took about a month to complete, but the finished piece is stunning and well worth the time taken!

Website: Alexey Steshak Art Studio on Facebook


The first step was to carve out the shape of the sink and the design into a large piece of solid pine.


Then Steshak started to lay the ceramic mosaic tiles. You can also see where he's used a pen outline to help him get the design right.


Who doesn't want a gorgeous mountain range in their sink?! 



Almost finished…


And here it is! It's absolutely stunning. We love the way he's exposed some of the wood to make the tree and the figure of the person. Beautiful.


And, here's a before and after shot for comparison. Great work! 


Would you want a sink like this in your house? We know we would! 

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