Great Activities And Ideas For How To Keep Kids Entertained

Kids seem to get bored really easily. They’ll love something for a while and then will quickly want to do something different. Whilst it’s great for kids to explore all different kinds of activities, it can be hard for parents to come up with creative ideas. Here we have some brilliant suggestions for how to keep kids entertained. Working your way through the list should buy you some time! And, you never know, your kid(s) might just fall in love with some of these games and activities! Take a look! 

Hanging Water Balloons

Hang some water balloons and provide your kids with some soft bats! The ideal way to cool down on a hot day.

How To Keep Kids Entertained balloon bombs with bat

Kid Friendly Darts

Using some washable chalk, draw your kids a target area with some numbers in. Arm them with sponges and let them compete! 

How To Keep Kids Entertained chalk bullyseye

Glow Jars

Grab some non toxic glow sticks/bracelets and cut them open. Carefully transfer the fluid in to a jar. To get the wonderful color you see below, mix red, white and blue glow sticks. 

How To Keep Kids Entertained fireflies jar

Dinosaur Fossils

We love this idea! Grab a balloon and place a toy inside it. Fill the balloon with water, and some food coloring if you please. Secure the balloon and place it in the freezer. Once frozen, provide your kids with some safety goggles and let them use a blunt object to tap away at the ice! 

How To Keep Kids Entertained frozen dinosaur

Hula Hoop Bubbles

Use a hula hoop to achieve huge bubbles! 

How To Keep Kids Entertained giant soap bubbles hula hoop

Outdoor Hideout

With just a sheet, some twine or rope and a hula hoop, you can create this awesome outdoor chill space. Perfect for providing some shade! 

How To Keep Kids Entertained hula hoop bed sheet

Rainbow Fan

If your little ones are fascinated by bright colors, why not paint the blades of a fan? Once fully dried, you’ll be left with an awesome rainbow fan!

How To Keep Kids Entertained rainbow fan

Rainbow Lollies

Use different juices and freeze a layer at a time to achieve these scrumptious looking lollies!

How To Keep Kids Entertained rainbow lollies

Sugar Box

If you haven’t got any sand lying around, why not try out a sugar box instead? It works pretty much the same and is great for practicing letters and numbers. 

How To Keep Kids Entertained sand box drawing

Tape Car Track

Use tape to make a cool car track that won’t damage your flooring! 

How To Keep Kids Entertained scotch tape car tracks

Shower Curtain Canvas

You can purchase basic shower curtains for as little as $1! Lay one down outdoors to give your kids a fun canvas to work with. 

How To Keep Kids Entertained shower curtain canvas

Soap Experiment

This is what it looks like when you put soap in the microwave! If you do this make sure you clean your appliance after! 

How To Keep Kids Entertained soap in the microwave

Sumo Fighters

With some over sized t-shirts and some pillows, your kids can battle things out sumo style. 

How To Keep Kids Entertained sumo wrestling

Safe Tennis

With some paper plates and balloons, you can provide your kids with a fun but safe version of tennis that won’t destroy your house! 

How To Keep Kids Entertained tennis paper plates and balloons

Yarn Laser Course

Let you kids feel like secret agents by creating them a yarn laser course! Don’t touch the wires or you lose! 

How To Keep Kids Entertained yarn lasers