Illustrator Re-Imagines What Disney Movies Would Be Like In 2017

It’s no secret that the way things are in 2017 differs greatly when compared to even just 20 years ago. This is plain to see when you look at movies that were made a long time ago. UK based artist Tom Ward has found a way to highlight these differences through awesome Disney illustrations. Some of his pieces are amusing, others are very saddening. Topics such as pollution, animal cruelty and technology obsession are just a few of the themes featured. Take a look below to see what Disney movies would be like in 2017. You’ll be seeing your favorite Disney characters in a whole new light!
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Who’s Belle?

Here we have Cinderella spying over Charming’s shoulder! 

Feeling Unappreciated

Aladdin needs to be careful or he’ll be sleeping on that couch! 

Lies And Selfies

No need for a selfie stick when Pinocchio’s around! 

Google, How Do I Pull A Sword From Stone?

Stop sitting on your phone Arthur and fulfill your destiny! 


With the current state of our oceans, who knows what Ariel would look like. 

Circus Acts

This one makes us so sad. Those beautiful creatures do not belong in this sort of environment. 

Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted

Peter Pan would struggle to stay under the radar in this day and age. It seems everything is caught on camera. 

Fox Hunting

Robin might be battling a whole different set of problems. 

Alice Isn’t Feeling So Wonderful

Here we have Alice bored of her 5th diet of the year… 

Burning Ivory

This one hit us right in the feels. 

Set Me Free

Mowgli is helping Baloo. 

Gay Pride

These two are rocking that rainbow flag!