These Space-Saving Wall-Mounted Christmas Trees Are Perfect For Smaller Rooms

Having a limited space shouldn’t thwart you from going all out this Yuletide season. This wall-mounted Christmas tree will make your Christmas merry and bright without using up too much space. We all want to celebrate Christmas season as festive as possible with exorbitant decorations. But for those with smaller homes, setting up a Christmas tree can be a huge problem.

Large and bulky, artificial trees can really take up substantial amount of space, virtually hogging all available space we have left. But thanks to this wall-mounted Christmas tree, we can now put up our own Christmas trees even with the limited space we have.

grandin road wall-mounted christmas tree

If putting up a full-sized tree is impossible, this wall-mounted Christmas tree is the ultimate alternative to spruce up your holiday décor. This minimal décor consists of six sections that are pre-connected by a transparent monofilament line. The sections come in different widths, from bigger bottom level to smaller top level to resemble the shape of a Christmas tree. Simply mount it onto the wall to make it look like it is partially embedded into the surface.

The transparent monofilament line keeps the sections together as the tree hangs on the wall. Furthermore, the monofilament line is removable so you can mount the sections at your preferred height. You can set the sections further away from each other for a bigger tree. Or you can set them closer together for a smaller tree.

wall-mounted christmas tree with hanging decors


This wall hanging Christmas tree has six separate sections connected by a transparent line

wall-mounted christmas tree six sections

This wall-mounted Christmas tree is made from polyester and plastic to create a realistic mix of pine and eucalyptus. If you want to save floor space, we suggest mounting it to the wall above a table or a dresser. Moreover, this also allows you to place presents or candy bowls as the trunk.

Then proceed by adding sparkling baubles and colorful fairy lights to your wall-hanging tree for the finishing touch. So, get this six-leveled wall hanging Christmas tree here and turn your tiny home or small apartment into a grandiose holiday wonderland. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Bought this and the set of small ornaments. We live in a townhouse and this mounts right on a living room wall. Don’t have to move a lots of furniture – which is good as there is really no place to store the furniture in our unit. Looks terrific!”

We also found a similar product on here. This particular wall hanging tree includes built-in lights, red plaid ribbon decors, and a bronze star topper. Unlike the six-sectioned hanging tree, this one comes as a full single tree that you only need to mount on the wall.

lighted wall-mounted christmas tree

Source: Grandin Road | Amazon