This Professor’s Tweets After No One Showed Up To His Class Are Priceless

Many professors will be used to having a few students not turn up to class. Some for good reason, others for bad reasons, but either way it’s not a shock to have a small amount of pupils missing. However, here we have a professor who had an entire class not turn up! His name is Adam and he decided to live tweet the whole experience, which let’s face it, he had nothing better to do with his time! It makes for a highly amusing, although slightly upsetting, read. Take a look!
Website: Twitter

This is where the confusion and sorrow began…

30 minutes in something’s really not right…

Adam began to question everything…

The disappointment is increasing…

What on earth is going on?!

Worry starts to creep in…

Limits were set.

Things got exiting for a moment…

The mind wanders to some strange places…

Something really isn’t right!

What student wouldn’t turn up for free candy?!


If you’re a student reading this, we hope you think twice before skipping your next class! There are some teachers who really don’t deserve their title, then there are people like poor Adam who want to teach only to be left alone with their time wasted. As funny as his tweets are, we really felt bad for him. However, his attitude and how he handled the situation can only be admired! Keep going to see how the story ends and to enjoy more of Adam’s great sense of humor! 

This one really made us sad!

How utterly depressing! 

We can’t believe things have gone on this long.

‘Your teacher needs you!’ We love that.

Boredom has peaked. 

This poor professor is being let down from all angles.

Could it be?!


Adam had had enough.

It’s a miracle!

This has got to be the nicest professor, ever. 

All of that waiting and the students go off and do their own thing!