This 2-In-1 Wagon Can Turn Into A Snow Sleigh Through Winter

Nothing beats a multifunctional product that can adapt to any season. Just take this incredible Wagon Sleigh for example. This 2-in-1 carriage doubles as a snow sleigh so you can use it in all seasons. In summer, this sand- friendly wagon can be used as a beach cart that won’t bog down in the sand. Amazingly, it can also be converted into a snow sleigh that allows you to haul your kids around on snow-covered terrains and unplowed grounds.

The sleigh features a wooden deck measuring 33 inches long, 17.5 inches wide and 16 inches deep. It can sustain up to 300 pounds of weight, making it an ideal fun vehicle for kids. The wooden deck comes with a set of four 8-inches-diameter wheels and a set of four ski runners. Simply install the wheels to use it as a wagon. If you want to convert it into a snow sleigh, just pop off the wheels and slide on the ski runners.

express wagon sleigh

The sleigh also includes a tip-resistant chassis for additional safety and a folding handle for easy storage. Perfect to use as a wooden buggy for your toddler passengers no matter what the weather is.

wagon sleigh


2-in-1 carrier


carrier with ski runners

In order to give your young passengers a more comfy and safer ride, there are also optional attachments that you can buy. There’s the padded base and sides to line the wooden deck. So, your tots can have a pleasant ride despite the bumps along rough terrains. You can also opt to buy a canopy to protect your precious passenger from the harmful sun, rain or snow.

express carriage padded lining


wagon sleigh padded lining


wagon sleigh canopy


express carriage canopy

When you’re not using it to give your kids a joyful ride, you can also use the sleigh to transport supplies. If you need a little help in hauling your stuff for summer camping or winter tailgating, this multifunctional wagon is what you need. Furthermore, the sides of the deck are removable so you can place and pull around larger objects.


Get the Wagon Sleigh from Amazon or Hammacher and conquer all kinds of terrains, whether rough or snowy. You can also buy the padded lining here and the canopy here to ensure your kid’s safety and protection.