Self-Taught Artist Demi Lang Creates Detailed Drawings Of Buildings Illuminating Their Beauty

Architectural structures are truly a fascinating sight to behold. With all the intricate details and stunning craftsmanship, it’s almost hard to believe that it’s possible to replicate them on any form of canvas. Well, apparently, it is. Demi Lang is just one of the many talented artists who has shown us that it can indeed be done. And the fact that she is self-taught makes her works all the more impressive.

The UK-based illustrator has been specializing in detailed architectural drawings for over 15 years now. Using a variety of mediums, she effectively portrays each structure on paper, down to the tiniest detail. She’s fond of using pencils, fine line pens and watercolors in her artwork. Having a “particular passion for architecture and beautiful character buildings,” Lang usually gathers inspirations for her works while traveling.

“I am in awe of the architects and craftsmen who make these buildings and I’m interested in the history behind them. When you stop and look closely, there is so much to see.”


UK-based artist Demi Lang creates stunningly realistic architectural sketches using mixed mediums

She also uses photographs for reference and carefully studies their light and composition. That way, she could seamlessly incorporate highlights as well as shadows into her illustrations. When fully colored, her sketches look just like exquisite photo prints.

Through her works, Lang hopes to inspire people to see architectural structures in a different light and appreciate their intricate beauty.

“My intention is to bring my subject to life on the paper and I hope the viewer experiences this and can appreciate the wonderful architectural details in a realistic and likable form. I also try to make more ordinary buildings become more interesting for the viewer by using light, shadow, and details.”

Unlike other artists, Lang is pretty much open about her creative process which she documents on her Instagram page. She also takes the time to interact with her followers and answer their queries. Likewise, she never fails to mention the materials that she uses for each piece. In fact, she has even put up an Amazon storefront where she features all her favorite art supplies. So, it’s not entirely surprising that the artist has gained herself quite a following online—38.7K followers to date.

Feel free to follow Demi on Instagram to see more of the talented artist at work. You may also check out her website and Etsy store where she puts her works up for sale.

Source: Etsy | Website | Instagram