Unusual Garden Fence Ideas That Will Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space

We all like putting our own stamp on things, however, sometimes it can be difficult to feel inspired. There’s almost too much choice out there! Many of us would admit to neglecting our outdoor space and not helping it to live up to its full potential. Here we have some brilliant and creative garden fence ideas that can help you to make an awesome transformation. We think that there’s something to suit all tastes. Take a look and see which projects take your fancy!

Bee Flowerpots

These eye grabbing pieces are bright and cheerful! They are great for adding a bit of color.

Garden Fence Ideas bee flowerpots


We love this design! You could choose to stick to one color or mix things up and go multi!

Garden Fence Ideas butterflies

Cartoon Mural

Adding a cartoon mural to one of your fences will be a huge hit with the kids!

Garden Fence Ideas cartoon mural


Some people seem to forget that you can actually paint on your fences! The possibilities are endless, but we love the design featured below.

Garden Fence Ideas fence painting

Floral Arrangements

Get down to your local craft store and fashion some faux flowers! They look great and will never die on you!

Garden Fence Ideas floral design

Hanging Candles

Hanging candles off of your fence truly sets a wonderful atmosphere in the evening.

Garden Fence Ideas hanging cangles


We would never have thought to do something like this! Holes were cut and marbles were wedged in to create this lovely look!

Garden Fence Ideas holes with colors

Living Paintings

This is such a fun project to get involved with. Simply build up your ‘paintings’ how you like and then hang them securely!

Garden Fence Ideas living paintings


Mirrors dotted around the garden can reflect light wonderfully.

Garden Fence Ideas mirrors

Framed Flowerpots

This takes such a small amount of effort yet others will think you put loads of thought and work in!

Garden Fence Ideas plant pot with frame


Make use of your old wellie boots by creating a quirky display!

Garden Fence Ideas rubber boot flower holders

Shutter Fencing

If you find plain fencing boring, why not get super creative and use a substitute such as shutters?

Garden Fence Ideas shutter flowers

Tin Can Planters

You might not think tin cans would look that great, however, with a lick of paint paired with some pretty flowers, they can look awesome!

Garden Fence Ideas tin can planters


If you’ve got some crates lying around that you want to get rid of, why not make a display like in the image below?