Hilarious Online Purchases That Will Make You Either Laugh Or Cry

These days, shopping online can really make our lives more convenient. Unless of course, you end up with the ultimate online shopping fail. Buying online can be a huge risk sometimes, just like these hilarious online purchases prove! Have you ever bought something that looks so good in the pictures online, and when it arrives it actually looks nothing like what it’s supposed to? The huge downside of buying on the internet is the pure fact that you cannot see that item in person, which was a real problem for these hilarious online purchases.They may make you think twice about clicking those buttons and adding items to your online basket.


#1 The only thing that’s close to the picture is the color of the ‘dress’.


#2 Almost, but not quite. SMH! That’s the problem with online purchases.


#3 Perhaps it’s a carpet intended for doll houses?


#4 There’s no doubt about it, all eyes will definitely be on the bride on her big day.


#5 That feeling you get when receiving your scary mask that you purchased online and it ended up to be a lot scarier than the picture. Should you feel good about it or disappointed?


#6 When the muscle-revealing tank top you ordered turns out to be a tight, sexy dress at the same time. This is just plainly hilarious!


#7 Winnie the pooh must have been so full from of eating too much honey.


Online shopping fails that will make you laugh out loud

#8 That feeling you get when a costume you purchased online arrives looking like this.


#9 See! This is what climate change can do to us.


#10 Merging two things into one. Clever!


#11 Not a single similarity can be found in this dress. Perhaps they’re trying to tell her that blue would suit her more?


#12 OMG! Well, at least they sent you the right color.


#13 Oh! So that’s why you got it at a cheap price. That explains it. Wow, way to go Amazon!


What do you think about these hilarious online purchases? Have you experienced these frustrations, too? Let us know!