Powerful Examples Of Advertising That Really Make You Stop And Think

Most of us would admit that there are many issues that go on in the world that we tend to ignore. This isn’t necessarily a conscious decision, but it’s generally a lot easier to not think about something when it’s not happening around you and impacting your life. Unfortunately, many of us know we could make more of an effort when it comes to certain things but sometimes it’s all to easy to push these niggling thoughts to the back of our minds. Here we present some extremely powerful advertising campaigns that really hit home on some very serious issues. We would like to warn readers that there are some images viewers may find distressing. 

Air pollution is a serious danger that far too many people ignore.

powerful advertising air pollution

Every 60 seconds a species dies out. This should not be happening. 

powerful advertising every 60 seconds a species dies out

You never think it will happen to you. If you know someone is driving, don’t talk to them on the phone.

powerful advertising dont talk while he drives

‘Liking isn’t helping’, more action is needed. 

powerful advertising liking isnt helping

If we were to purchase exotic animal souvenirs, we are part of the reason the animals would be suffering. 

powerful advertising do not buy exotic animal souvenirs

By turning the page, we are partially responsible for trees being cut down. 

powerful advertising destroying the forest

What goes around comes around, keep the ocean clean.

powerful advertising keep the sea clean

There are so many problems that might not be happening in your area, or in front of your eyes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. 

powerful advertising its not happening here but it is happening now

Sometimes, censorship tells the wrong story…

powerful advertising censorship tells the wrong story

Wearing your seat belt can be the difference between life and death. 

powerful advertising buckle up stay alive

It’s important to check yourself for anything that looks or feels unusual. So many of us neglect to help ourselves. 

powerful advertising breast cancer warning

Our forests are the lungs of the earth. 

powerful advertising forests are the planets lungs

Equality for all is a must!

powerful advertising how a woman is percieved

Maybe this fact wouldn’t be so easily ignored if this is how all bags were made.

powerful advertising plastic bags kill

Well, we can’t speak for everyone when we say this but these images have certainly had an impact on us. We commend the creative minds behind these advertising campaigns as we genuinely feel that they are making a difference to the world. Unfortunately, sometimes the only thing that makes us stop and think is the ‘shock’ factor of something we see. We hope that some of these images have reached out to you, as sadly sometimes people only realize the errors of their ways when it’s just too late. Keep going to see even more powerful ads…

Every child has the right to feel safe and loved. Without this security, their development can be deeply altered. 

powerful advertising neglected children

It shouldn’t be so easy to put the people who are suffering to the back of our minds. 

powerful advertising stop torture

Drinking and driving ruins lives. It’s not worth the risk. 

powerful advertising stop violence dont drink and drive

A good owner makes all the difference. 

powerful advertising same cat different owner

If everyone put a little effort and thought into their wastage, the world would be a better place. 

powerful advertising save paper

Statistically, a smoker’s life ends 15% earlier than it’s supposed to. 

powerful advertising the end smokers

Most car accidents involving children occur around school holidays. Be aware, be vigilant, be careful. 

powerful advertising think of both sides car accident


No one’s skin color should dictate their future. 

powerful advertising skin color shouldnt dictate future

There is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of yourself and others. If you feel like you are tired at the wheel, stop driving, sleepiness often wins. 

powerful advertising sleepiness is stronger than you

It’s no secret that there are terrible things in cigarette smoke. There is plenty of help available if you would like to quit. 

powerful advertising what we see when you smoke

A powerful ash tray showing that lung cancer in smokers is often self inflicted. 

powerful advertising you caused your lung cancer

Speed limits are there for a reason. No rush is worth losing your life, or, taking away someone else’s. 

powerful advertising slower is better

Smoking causes premature aging. If you were to quit, you’d notice a change in the health of your hair and skin!

powerful advertising smoking causes premature aging

This picture might be presenting you with a choice, but in reality, if you choose to drink and drive, the consequences are out of your hands. 

powerful advertising how will you get home drink driving

Sexual predators are often hiding in your children’s smart phones, computers and Ipads. Help them to be aware of the risks and dangers.

powerful advertising predators smart phones