KFC Has Released A Taco With A Shell Made Of Fried Chicken

Just when we thought nothing could beat traditional tacos then comes the Kentaco. The KFC Taco is a thing and it’s certainly the best thing that ever happened so far in 2020. KFC Singapore recently introduced a new addition to its menu. And it got the rest of the world salivating in envy. With the pandemic lockdown we’re currently in, it makes it even more impossible to fly to Singapore and try this out ourselves.

The Kentaco isn’t your ordinary taco. Instead of the traditional flour tortilla shell, the Kentaco shell is made entirely of fried chicken. A taco with 100% finger lickin’ good chicken shell, what could possibly be better than that? The chicken shell is then stuffed with all taco goodness including lettuce, tomatoes and 4 different cheese varieties – cheddar, Emmental, mozzarella, and Romano.





We could just imagine sinking our teeth into the crispy chicken shell and its robust mix of taco flavors in every bite. The KFC Taco is available for $5.90 on its own. You can also get it as a part of a meal for $7.95 along with french fries and a drink. Alas, the food of our dreams is only available in Singapore. But we hope it finds its way to our country soon so we can also get a taste of heaven.

















Source: KFC_sg