You Can Get An “Anti-Soggy” Cereal Bowl That Separates Liquids From Solids For The Perfect Balance

If you hate eating soggy cereal, then you need to get this anti-soggy cereal bowl. Nothing beats crunchy cereal in the morning to get you going at the start of the day. However, cereal pieces don’t stay crunchy for long after you’ve poured in the milk. So, you’ll have to eat it immediately before it gets really soggy. Well, consider that problem solved.

Introducing the Obol – the original cereal bowl that will keep your cereal crispy bite after bite. This ingenious bowl features a patented spiral slide design that separates the cereal and the milk. It has an elevated level on one side to contain the cereal and a lower level on the other side to hold the milk. So, you don’t have to worry about soaking your cereal in the milk for too long which results in a mushy breakfast.


This anti-soggy cereal bowl has a divided wall that separates the cereal from the milk

anti-soggy cereal bowl white

To use, simply spoon the cereal and dip it into the milk to get crispy, milky cereal just the way you like it. Aside from its unique spiral slide design, the bowl also has a built-in grip. This feature allows you to easily hold it while watching TV or while in bed with no mess. It is made from BPA-free plastic and is available in large and medium sizes. The large size bowl can hold up to 1.7 cups of cereal and 2 cups of milk. And the medium size bowl can hold up to 1 cup of cereal and 1 cup of milk.

anti-soggy cereal bowl large and medium sizes


obol built-in grip


obol patented spiral slide design


anti-soggy cereal bowl red

This bowl also comes in 3 different colors – white, blue and red. Plus, it features a stackable design that allows you to easily stack the bowls for easy storage. You and your kids will never have to suffer from soggy cereal anymore. Your kids will surely finish up their breakfast with delight every morning. One satisfied buyer wrote:


“I never had a problem with soggy cereal because you pour the cereal, then the milk, and take care of business. However, there are those who want to sit at the table and conversate, or read something while their cereal is sitting there getting soggy, now THAT is when something like this is necessary.”

anti-soggy cereal bowl blue


obol stackable design


obol spiral slide design


anti-soggy cereal bowl for crunchy breakfast

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