Honest Tweets From Women That Shatter All Logic

The mind of a woman is an interesting and wonderful thing. Of course, you won’t agree with everyone’s thoughts and opinions, irregardless of whether they are male or female. However, here we have a collection of honest tweets from women that we think you will be able to appreciate. Some of these tweets really stop and make you think. For example, how does the little mermaid decide which creatures are her friends and which are her bra? We never thought about that before! Take a look!

Honest Tweets From Women

Beware of the wrath of the demon squad group chat! 

Pizza delivery guys are a real catch when you really think about it! 

Ever feel like you’re just stuck between two dumpsters?

Some things just never change… 

Some great advice for those who are looking for a companion that brings a little less heartbreak. 

Stacey might be onto something here…

How annoying is it when you say you like something so are expected to know every detail within that area?!

So many decisions to work through… 

Someone needs to head under the sea and interview Ariel. 

We need answers! 

There seems to be a trend among movies aimed at men and movies aimed at women…

Imagine if this was the other way around!

An incredible feeling! 

Go on, test this out, we know you want to!