Belgian Man Photographs Ugly Belgian Houses He Sees and His Fans Can’t Get Enough

Belgium is a beautiful country, there’s no doubt about that. Aside from its breathtaking attractions, the country is also famous for its distinctive chocolate, beer, and waffles. Furthermore, Belgium is known for its picturesque medieval towns and Renaissance architecture. All people outside Belgium have been long assuming that there is nothing ugly about this country. However, the Instagram account uglybelgianhouses is showing us the side of Belgium that we would never have thought existed. Hannes Coudenys created this Instagram page to honor the Ugly Belgian Houses and to reveal the quirky side of Belgium.

Ugly Belgian Houses

“Normally, if you like architecture you like good houses, but in Belgium, there’s a lot of ugly architecture. So I started taking pictures of it. ” Let’s just make things clear. Coudenys didn’t create this page to shame the architectural ability of his fellow countrymen. On the contrary, he wanted to show the world that Belgians have unique architectural preferences that are unlike any other. Yes, Belgians can also be hilariously weird when it comes to their choice of home designs.









As expected, the page received negative criticisms when he created it way back 2012. Coudenys has been receiving complaints from the home-owners upon finding their dream-houses being featured on the page. Due to the overwhelming scrutiny, the blogger has no choice but to shut down the Instagram account. But a year later, he decided to reactivate the page. But this time, he’s more open to any kind of criticisms. He even advised the owners to send their complaints directly to him if they find their house on the page.





















The Ugly Belgian Houses page currently has more than 1,400 posts and has gained almost 58,000 followers. Amazingly, Coudenys even made a coffee-table book featuring some of the best photo compilations from the page. Take a look at some of the ugly Belgian houses that are so bad, they’re good.

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