Twinkies Limited-Edition Tiger Tails Are Back And They’re Filled With Orange Crème

There’s always a strong nostalgic feeling when a classic treat makes a huge comeback. Some of you may still remember Hostess’ Tiger Tail snack cakes although it has been years since we last saw them on the shelves. The good news is, Twinkies recently released a new variety bearing the name Tiger Tails on the packaging. Fans of the original Tiger Tail have all the right to get excited over this news. But we’re sorry to inform you that this isn’t exactly the same as the original snack cakes.

The original Tiger Tail is a golden sponge cake with creamy filling just like regular ones. But its most striking feature was the striped toppings making it look like a tiger’s tail, hence the name. These snack cakes had a swirl of raspberry jelly on the top with a tropical coconut flavor to. The new variety, on the other hand, doesn’t have the notable stripes on top. It’s basically the classic cake but with an orange crème filling instead of the regular vanilla cream. The tiger stripes, however, are printed on the individual wrappings.


Hostess Tiger Tails Twinkies

These limited-edition Tiger Tails are exclusively available at Walmart. They started rolling out on July 21st so you are likely to find these goodies in the snack aisle of your nearest Walmart location. These yummy golden sponge cakes come in a 13.58-oz box containing 10 individually wrapped pieces. Just like the original Tiger Tail, this orange crème-filled variety won’t be staying for good. So, who’s ready to hunt like a tiger and look for these treats while they last?



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I'm 99 percent sure these Hostess Limited Edition Tiger Tails Twinkies have nothing to do with the Netflix show Tiger King. But I'm 100 percent sure I had silk pajamas that had the same design printed on these wrappers. I also thought about pulling out my He-Man toy and having it ride one of these wrapped Twinkies, but then remembered Battle Cat was green. If you have a vast knowledge of Hostess lore, you'd know that Hostess Tiger Tails were originally regular Twinkies topped with raspberry jelly and coconut. These feature golden sponge cake with an orange creme filling and come in tiger-print wrappers. Hostess has had Twinkies with orange-flavored creme before (also Cupcakes), but I haven't tried any of them. Sheltered, I know. With that said, I have to say I prefer original Twinkies over these. The orange creme filling tastes okay, but I can only handle it in small doses. Its flavor is a bit too much for me. Think of an orange candy, like Starburst, and multiply that by three or four. That's how sweet and potent the orange flavor is. If that appeals to you, then these will be right up your alley cat. This Walmart-exclusive flavor is available now for a limited time only with a suggested price of $2.86. Thanks to @walmart for sending samples my way.

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"Carole Baskin killed her husband, whacked him. Can't convince me that it didn't happen,"Fed him to tigers, they snackin'. What's happening? Carole Baskin."-Tik-Tok “Tiger King” lyrics..HA??.. @walmart and @hostess_snacks came together to bring more Tiger King in our life’s, maybe more then we actually need LOL.. This exclusive to Walmart Twinkie is called Tiger Tails and contains an original golden sponge cake with orange fruit tasting/orange colored creme. Not a big fan of orange Twinkies, but these are true to flavor. BTW the packaging this came in is boujee AF?????..I’m just slightly wondering if that Carole freaking Baskin will try to sue over these??????..You can get these @walmart July 21st !! Thank you to the great Alex at Walmart for this sample?

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