Meet Thor The Bengal Cat That Looks Half Tiger And Half Leopard

A Bengal cat is a cat breed from a hybrid of a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat. This explains why this specific breed has a wild appearance with coat markings and spots that are similar to leopards. But despite their leopard-like appearance, Bengal cats have affectionate and gentle temperament, making them an ideal household pet. One living proof that Bengal cats can be adorable pets is this lovely Bengal cat named Thor. As mighty as the hammer-wielding Norse god of the same name, Thor the Bengal cat also has an amazing power to make anyone yield to his charm.

thor the bengal cat

One look at Thor and you’ll know that he’s not your ordinary Bengal cat. While most Bengal cats typically have leopard spots on their coats, Thor amazingly also has tiger stripes along with spots. His unusual coat markings make him look like a cross-breed between a leopard and a tiger. Due to his remarkable appearance, Thor the Bengal cat was able to catch the attention of people on Instagram. Indeed, his expressive green eyes and commanding facial expressions have captivated the hearts of all cat lovers.

bengal cat named thor

Check out Thor’s Instagram page to see this adorable cat showing his myriad of emotions. From being calm to excited, from being lazy to playful, from looking gentle to looking fierce, Thor is definitely a cat full of life who isn’t afraid to show his feelings. Get ready to succumb to the irresistible charm of Thor the Bengal cat through these bewitching photos. You can also browse his Instagram page to watch some of his fascinating videos.

Thor the Bengal cat has leopard spots and tiger stripes that make him stand out among the rest

thor the bengal cat sitting on couch


thor the bengal cat laying on couch

Apart from his majestic coat, Thor also has a playful temperament which adds to his charm

thor the bengal cat playing with ropes


thor the bengal cat leopard spots


thor the bengal cat jumping


thor the bengal cat green eyes


thor the bengal cat ferocious


thor the bengal cat sleepy


thor the bengal cat surprised


thor the bengal cat chilling


thor the bengal cat relaxing


thor the bengal cat on tree

Source: Instagram