People In The US Can Now Get Pepsi Orange Flavor For A Zesty Summer Sip

Soda and fruit juice – can they really go well together? While we’re all wondering how that unlikely combo would taste and Japan is already ahead with its fruit-flavored soft drinks. Earlier this year, PepsiCo Japan introduced the new Pepsi Orange. This limited-edition offering combines the classic soda flavor with a dash of orange juice.

This flavor is different from the brand’s Mirinda Orange. The latter is an orange soda which comes relatively close to freshly-squeezed orange juice mixed with carbonated water. This also explains its bright orange color. On the other hand this one features the brand’s classic cola with a hint of orange flavor. Hence, its citrusy flavor isn’t as intense as Mirinda. It’s basically the regular Pepsi we love with an added citrusy twist.


Pepsi Orange

pepsi orange japan

As we said earlier, the orange-flavor was first introduced in Japan in February 2020. That was after the Mountain Dew Violet Grape and Pepsi Pineapple became huge hits in Japan. Furthermore, the brand’s rival Coca-Cola has also started diving into the ‘fruity cola’ craze. The Coca-Cola Strawberry which was released in January 2020 received so much hype in Japan. And the competition for the best fruit-flavored offerings has unfolded.

Once again, Japan left the rest of the world in envy with these unusual yet exciting soft drink flavors. But thanks to the entertainment retail store FYE, these Japan-exclusive goodies are now available to the US. Now we can have the new orange flavor shipped from Japan right to our doorsteps. Hopefully, PepsiCo US could consider bringing this new flavor to the country, just like they did with the Pepsi Pineapple. But if you can’t wait for that day, you can always get them from Japan through FYE to try it out yourself. The new orange drink comes in a 16.5-oz bottle.

Source: FYE