Make Yourself Heard By Your Cat With This New Human-To-Cat Translator App


Ever wished you could communicate to your aloof, furry friend in cat speak? Well, now you can, apparently, thanks to a hilarious new app released by Electric French Fries. The Human-To-Cat Translator app is an entertaining attempt to get important messages through to your feline. It allows users to select and then translate certain messages they wish their cat would hear, such as "not on the carpet, use the tile, use the tile" and "three o'clock in the morning is statistically the time when all of the cute little kitties going haywire for no reason have the highest chance of being abducted". The translated messages are given in a series of meows, purrs, hisses and general catty sounds your puss will apparently understand instantly!




The app has 175 different sounds and 25 different cat voices. It's available on iTunes for free download. Users can then purchase an in-app cat voice pack for $1.19.





Although the app states it is strictly for entertainment purposes, it's getting some good reviews. One user who left a five star rating, CrAzY_Panda274 said, "My cats would always seem interested in this app." Another person who downloaded the app commented "It [the app] always makes her [the cat] come to me a lot". Me-wow!