Give Your Toilet The Upgrade It Deserves With A GOT Iron Throne Decal

The epic TV series Game of Thrones has recently concluded. If you’re an avid fan of the series, you probably have mixed emotions regarding how the 8-year running series ended. For 8 years, viewers have been speculating who will rule the Seven Kingdoms and sit on the Iron Throne. As it turned out, the Iron Throne did not belong to anyone in the end. No one deserves it, except you. Yup, you can be the ruler of Westeros (or at least pretend to be) with this Iron Throne Decal.


Etsy seller WordFactoryDesign offers self-adhesive vinyl decal that you can stick on the wall. Although you can attach it to virtuanlly any smooth surface, we recommend sticking it on the wall behind the toilet. This will instantly transform your porcelain toilet into the most-coveted Iron Throne. The Iron Throne Decal is available in four different colors – black, copper metallic, silver metallic, and gold metallic. Each sticker measures 20 inches wide and 23 inches tall to conform to toilet standard size.

game of thrones toilet decal sticker

Iron Throne Decal in Black

iron throne decal black color

Gold Metallic

iron throne decal gold metallic

Silver Metallic

iron throne decal silver metallic

Copper Metallic

iron throne decal copper metallic


iron throne decal etsy customer upload


iron throne decal etsy customer upload silver metallic

Furthermore, this removable Iron Throne Decal comes with a pre-spaced application tape along with instructions on how to apply it. Get your Iron Throne Decal on Etsy and get ready to rule them all… Or the bathroom at least.

Source: WordFactoryDesign | Etsy