30 Incredible Works Of Food Art Avocado Lovers Will Adore

 Although it has been around for a long time, you may have noticed in recent years a spike in lovers of Avocado. Traditionally, most people eat the green goodness on toast, in guacamole, or, thrown into a salad, but there are so many more ways you can cook and eat it! One person who shows this in a magnificent way is Colette Dike. The food blogger and founder of the blog ‘Food Deco’ has an incredible talent for making mouthwatering avocado art. Take a look!
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Sweet potato and lime, yum!

Avocado board, anyone?

The blue and the green in this dish contrast beautifully. 

Mmm, pie!

Avocado on a stick, interesting!

How does Colette make her swirls so perfect?!

This looks too good to eat!

Taking salad to a whole new level!

Bread made better.

Toast fit for royalty!

One of the most interesting burgers we’ve ever seen!

This looks like a lovely flower in a plant pot.

For those who love chicken!

Not quite guacamole, something better!

A great way to get more rice into your diet!

We’re sure you’re finding these gorgeous images absolutely mouthwatering. In fact, Colette has such a talent we think she could turn avocado haters into lovers! In case you didn’t know, here are just a few of the benefits of eating avocados…

1. They have more potassium than bananas.
2. It is high in good fats.
3. They are loaded with fiber.
4. They can lower cholesterol.

And, many more! We only wish that we could replicate these gorgeous recipes. Keep going too see more of Colette’s magical dishes!

This whole dish looks like perfection.

Shavings and seeds galore!

Aren’t the petals such an adorable touch?

Tomato slices have never looked better!

We heart this dish!

A breakfast or lunch that will satisfy you for hours!

Those waffles look dreamy!

A breakfast guests will adore!

So much green goodness in one photo!

More sweet potato dreaminess. 

Chocolate lovers eat your heart out!

Food art at its best!

Simple yet still brilliant.

We seriously can’t handle the hunger that has amassed looking at these photos!

Colette’s talent for making perfect swirls seems never ending!