12 Stunning Pieces Of Jewelry Inspired By Forests And Nature


Artists and creative people get their inspiration from all over the place, but a lot of what influences people are things they see or experience in day to day life. Jewelry-maker Oksana Trukhan lives in a small city that’s surrounded by wild and ancient forests on all sides, so of course these picturesque surroundings have been an inspiration to her work. Trukhan creates insanely beautiful wire-wrapped jewelry that’s based on the gorgeous natural world around her. Check out these twelve stunning pieces of jewelry inspired by forests and nature, and see for yourself!

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This lovely piece has the shape of an owl, and a gorgeous stone, to boot!


Nothing says “forest” like a majestic stag.


Take a look at these amazing rings.


If you like the wet weather, you might enjoy this raincloud necklace.


The leaf-detailing and vine-like swirls of wire make you think of faraway forests.


We love this intricate owl pendant.


This incredible stone is a true forest green.


This crow necklace is awesome!


The stones in this pair of earrings remind us of rocks and lichens.


A mother deer and her fawn adorn this sweet pendant.


This one’s perfect for any bird-lovers out there.


The stone even looks like the markings of a snowy owl.

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