Ben & Jerry’s Has A New Line Of Doggie Desserts

When you have a pet dog, you will never snack in peace ever again. Sadly, there are certain snacks that we simply can’t share with our pooch, no matter how compelling their puppy dog eye tactic is. Part of becoming a responsible pet parent is learning about what your pet can and cannot eat. And one of the things that our beloved pooches can’t have is ice cream. Well, that’s about to change because Ben & Jerry’s now has Doggie Desserts – ice cream made specifically for dogs!

In case you’re wondering, dogs can’t have ice cream because their bodies can’t digest milk after they’ve been weaned. Feeding them dairy products meant for human consumption won’t end well. Your pooch could end up gassy, bloated or constipated. They can also experience diarrhoea and even vomit! The idea of sharing some ice cream with your dog on a hot afternoon may seem kind of sweet. But the aftermath is definitely anything but that. Well, this little dilemma is now history, because you can now help your pooch cool off with Ben & Jerry’s doggie ice cream!

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Ben & Jerry’s


Ben & Jerry’s now has Doggie Desserts so your beloved pooch won’t have to miss out on ice cream ever again

The tasty new frozen desserts for dogs are available in two flavors. For starters, our beloved best friends will get to enjoy a rich combination of peanut butter and pretzel swirls with Pontch’s Mix. Meanwhile, Rosie’s Batch will offer your pooch the sweet flavor of pumpkin and some crunch with the mini cookies mixed in. Both variants of Ben & Jerry’s dog desserts have a sunflower butter base, and are made with the same ingredients that Ben & Jerry’s uses for their non-dairy human desserts. This furbaby-friendly frozen treat has been a long time coming, according to Ben & Jerry’s global marketing specialist Lindsay Bumps.

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Ben & Jerry’s


Veterinary nutritionists were consulted during the Desserts’ development phase

The development process of the desserts began last year. Ben & Jerry’s consulted with veterinary nutritionists, regulatory consultants and others to achieve that safe-and-easy-to-digest, pet-friendly ice cream formula, according to Bumps, who happens to be a certified veterinary technician herself. Bumps’ 9-year-old French bulldog named Spock, is among the first pooches to try the desserts. And he’s apparently taken a liking to Pontch’s Mix!




According to the press release, we can expect to see the desserts for dogs in the frozen aisle soon. The dog-friendly ice cream will be available in individual 4-ounce mini cups (SRP $2.99). Once you’ve figured out the flavor your dog likes, you can get a 4-piece multipack (SRP $4.99). The dog-friendly frozen delight will be available in major retailers and select pet stores nationwide. Bumps suggests introducing the treat to your pooch in small amounts at first. Ben & Jerry’s Doggie Desserts is definitely going to be a must-have when you hit the beach with Toto in tow!


Some lucky pups have tried the dog-friendly frozen treat already


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