Bubble Window Cat Beds Look Like Mini Spaceships

The bubble backpack carrier for cats became a craze in 2017. Kitties lodged inside spaceship-themed backpacks are almost everywhere and they are indeed an adorable sight. Now, you can turn your furry pet into a full-time astronaut with these spaceship-inspired cat beds. Myzoo Studio, a Taiwanese pet furniture manufacturer, brings you a collection of out-of-this-world cat beds – the Space Plan Series.

The Space Plan Series includes three different kinds of spaceship-inspired cat beds, they are the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. All these stellar beds feature transparent acrylic window to give your kitty a view of the outside while resting inside. In order to provide proper air circulation, each furniture has sufficient air holes that can also reduce external echo.

myzoo studio spaceship-inspired cat beds

spaceship-inspired cat beds gamma

The Alpha cat bed is in the shape of a space capsule with bubble windows on each side. It comes on a sturdy stand so you can securely place it on the floor where your pet can easily access. The Beta cat bed takes the shape of a rocket ship with a transparent domed ceiling. You can simply place it on tabletop or any piece of furniture, making it ideal for household with limited space. Last but not the least, the Gamma cat bed also takes the shape of a space capsule. But unlike the Alpha, the Gamma has only one bubble window because the other end is designed to be mounted on the wall. This allows adventurous cats to be perched on a wall in order to get a view from above.

Alpha is a floor-standing cat bed with two transparent domed windows on each end

spaceship-inspired cat beds alpha walnut


spaceship-inspired cat beds alpha

Beta is a tabletop cat bed with a bubble dome ceiling

spaceship-inspired cat beds beta basswood


spaceship-inspired cat beds beta

Gamma is in the shape of a space capsule which mounts onto the wall

spaceship-inspired cat beds gamma basswood


spaceship-inspired cat beds gamma wall mount

All these spaceship-inspired cat beds weigh 15kg with an entrance diameter of 22cm. Also, all three types are available in basswood and walnut wood bodies.
If you really love your cat to the moon and back, you should get this pet bed before they run out!