Examples Of Times When Designers Actually Cared About People

Here at Awesome Inventions, we’ve done many a post on design fails. There seems to be an endless amount of utterly appalling creations that just don’t make any sense. However, today we’re going to focus on times when designers actually cared about people and nailed their jobs! There are some genius and thoughtful images here that will restore your faith in the fact that people do care about others, sometimes!

Examples Of Times When Designers Actually Cared About People

This bicycle parking area has a built in air pump!

This hospital door is designed to look like a bookshelf so that patients with Alzheimer’s don’t accidentally go outside and get lost.

This sign helps large vehicles to know whether they will fit under the upcoming bridge or not.

These cut resistant gloves help to prevent nasty accidents!

These picnic tables are perfect for families!

This elevator has foot buttons for those who are disabled or have their hands full!

Make your preference clear to staff with these categorized baskets!

This hotel offers a black towel for people to remove their make up.

These stickers help consumers to know when their mangoes will taste the best!

This multi-functional bench can be adapted to suit your needs.

This airport has a pet bathroom for animals to relieve themselves.

These tires warn their owners when they need to be replaced!

This establishment offers a two in one piece of cutlery that lets you choose how to eat your food!

Empty the water from your instant noodles easily with this built in drain!