Wonderful Photos Of Dogs Proving That They Are Man’s Best Friend

It’s safe to say that dogs are definitely man’s best friend! They are always there for you whenever you need them. All they want in return is for your love and show them that you are proud of them! Here are some wonderful photos of dogs showing how hilarious and adorable they can be! Take a look…

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He’s not just man’s best friend, but he’s also man’s best help!

When your dog tries to cover up his own mess by making another mess. So cute and smart!

Billie3Bands/twitter Pablo3Bands/twitter

Even dogs know how to fake-sleep!

He brought soil. I don’t know what he was thinking but I think he was trying to help with something.

“Does this tie look good on me?”

When you and your best friend are thinking the same way just by looking at each other.

“freedom!” Someone was lucky to adopt this beaut!


Man’s best friend brought down from heaven.

“You can’t fool me, but I will still obey and behave.” An awesome man’s best friend!


Excuse me, coming through! This first-class pilot is late for his flight!

Looks like someone is being a good boy staying put outside while waiting for his owner to get back from the store.


That’s a dedicated man’s best friend right there!

“boys, please take out the groceries.”


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He’s too excited to see his owner that he couldn’t wait for another photo to be taken!


He’s certainly enjoying being warm.


Look out! This dog has deadly puppy-eyes.

hentaigorl / Reddit

Aww! I wonder how much they pay for being an Official Stamp Licker.

These adorable poodles are just patiently waiting with their owner.

His owner is not feeling well and he does not want not leave his side.


Don’t worry! This dog is always on duty to help.


There’s babysitters & dogsitters…but this one is a dog babysitter!


This pup has more manners than some ordinary people.


Man’s best friend looks bored on this flight. At least he’s being a good boy and well-behaved.

This dog just wants to be there as well for better or for worse with his owner.


Looks like this dog was the only one to care about being safe. He was being attentive when safety instructions were presented.

Dogs can be competitive too.

He’s a former guide dog. He was too friendly, so he became someone’s best friend!