15 Awesome Optical Illusions On Arms That Will Leave You Impressed

Here at Awesome Inventions, we just can’t get enough of all things optical illusion. We find them so fascinating as interesting to look at! Here we present the work of Lisha Simpson. Lisha is a face painter and aspiring body artist. Her illusions are a combination of perfect lighting, solid black paint, a black background and the right angle. Once the final shot has been taken, Lisha uses a photo editing app to perfect blending the black paint with the black background. Take a look and prepare to be mind blown!
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Butterfly paradise!

An awesome melting candle…

Catching dreams in the palm of a hand…

Pretty skeleton!

Can you imagine someone waving at you with an arm like this?!

Watch out Peter Pan…

This is one of our favorites. 

When music erupts from your body… 

So realistic!

Off on an amazing journey…

Stars slipping through the hand! Eek!

This is so tenta-cool!

Watch out for the toxic waste. It’s nasty!

When you’re all twisted..!