10 Of The Most Common Dreams And Their Meanings


Everybody dreams, even if they don't remember them well or at all. In fact, on average, we dream for around 2 hours every time we have a sleep of roughly 8 hours. This means you will spend well over 50,000 hours of your life dreaming, if you live into old age. Dreams are thought to be the unconscious mind's way of processes events, feelings, wants and needs. So, for those of you who do remember your dreams regularly, that's a lot of unconscious feelings and desires to unravel over your lifetime! Although your dreams may be entirely unique, there are a whole host of common themes and occurrences in dreams that many people experience. This infographic from the 'Sleep Matters Club' at Dreams.co.uk goes over 10 of the most common dreams that people have and what these dreams are likely to mean. Check it out!
Website: Dreams.co.uk




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