Amusing Epic Design Fails That Will Make You Laugh

There’s no doubt that there are some extremely talented and creative people in this world that have incredible designs skills. However, the exact opposite of those statements is also true, unfortunately! Here we have a list of amusing epic design fails that are sure to make you laugh.

The lack of logic and sense shown is totally bemusing. Although, a few of them may have been done intentionally, you never know!

We refuse to believe that there wasn’t a better way to design this slide!

Amusing Epic Design Fails bouncy slide


Well, at least the magazine looks comfortable!

We don’t see any logic here at all. We hope whoever created this design wasn’t too proud of it.

We bet there have been a few awkward encounters here due to people walking into the wrong side!

How hard is it to proofread a children’s picture book?!

Because who doesn’t love cold, chocolate covered fingers?!

When life gives you lemons… make orange juice, apparently.

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‘Lift the pieces below to discover different scents’ no, thank you!

Well, that was easy!

Amusing Epic Design Fails maze


One company wanted to turn their fountain pink to raise awareness for breast cancer but it didn’t quite work!

Pulling tissues from Spiderman’s bottom just doesn’t feel right!

Well, that’s one way to ensure your customers don’t have faith in your product!

Unfortunate coincidence or sneaky designer?

What’s with the happy and sad faces?!