This Tasty Lingerie Set Lets You Show Off The Cheeseburger You Really Are

Certified foodies could all probably agree that food-themed accessories and novelty items are the next best thing to actual food. Remember these pretty purses patterned after tasty treats or these fried chicken Crocs? Well, New Zealand-based fashion designer and dressmaker Estelle Peacock has got something that’s a little bit naughtier and cheekier. Introducing this sexy cheeseburger lingerie set that turns you into an irresistible cheeseburger!

Hailing from Wellington, the culinary capital of New Zealand, Estelle takes pride in designing made-to-order costumes, gowns and wedding dresses. In fact, she even boldly claims on her Facebook page that “she can make your wildest fashion dreams come true.” Well, we certainly couldn’t agree more, especially after seeing her dazzling rendition of a cheeseburger-inspired intimate wear.


Express your love for cheeseburgers in the cheekiest way possible with a lingerie set inspired by the fast-food favorite!

Cheeseburger Lingerie Set Front
Estelle Peacock


Cheeseburger Lingerie Set Back
Estelle Peacock

The set consists of multiple layered pieces that perfectly depicts each ingredient. To start off, the bra features two sesame seed bun cups with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese, sticking out from the upper bust section. It also comes with a pair of straps with ruffled accents on front.

Burger Bun Bra
Estelle Peacock


Cheeseburger Lingerie Set Pieces
Estelle Peacock

Meanwhile, the panty, which represents the bottom bun, also features the same fixings. In addition, it comes with a burger patty and a dripping ketchup accent on top. To complete the look, the set also includes a lettuce garter belt and a pair of pickle nipple pasties. Each piece is also elegantly embellished with rhinestones on top.

Burger Fixings Panty
Estelle Peacock


Pickle-inspired Nipple Pasties
Estelle Peacock

Apparently, a lot of burger lovers have expressed their interest in purchasing Estelle’s magnificent creation. Unfortunately, the unique lingerie set was only a one-off piece that she created for a friend. However, it appears that the talented designer is planning to reproduce the lingerie set due to the overwhelming demand.

In fact, she has also recently gathered some insights from her followers regarding a few production details. These included the possible price point for each set (under $150) and a prepayment set up to fund the production. Apparently, the majority of her followers have responded positively. So, hopefully, we could see another cheeseburger lingerie set in the works anytime soon! In the meantime, feel free to follow Estelle’s Instagram and Facebook pages to see more of her stunning creations.