Rare Starbucks Cauldron Mug Is Perfect For Those Halloween Brews

Spooky season is just around the corner! So, it’s time to scour the internet for some eerily bewitching stuff to include in your Halloween haul this year. And if you’re the type who gets all moody without coffee, then this Starbucks cauldron mug is exactly what your inner witch needs.

Sure, you can get your hands on a bunch of other Halloween-themed mugs. But we bet no other mug would be more fitting to hold your morning brew than this wickedly enchanting cup. It comes in the form of a witch’s pot, complete with canny details that your villainous self will surely love.

starbucks halloween cauldron mug


Jumpstart your morning and awaken your inner witch with this Starbucks cauldron mug

It features a sleek black ceramic body with purple dripping splatter on top, creating the illusion of an overboiled potion. One side of the mug features the coffee chain’s iconic logo, while the other side features the text “Witches Brew” in silver. The mug can contain 355 mL of liquid and comes with a wooden spoon for stirring in creamer and sugar. Best of all, its black and white striped handle includes a slot for holding the spoon.

starbucks cauldron mug


starbucks cauldron mug witches brew

Apparently, this whimsical mug was part of Starbucks Korea’s 2019 Halloween collection, so it’s now considered an extremely rare find.

starbucks korea 2019 halloween merchandise


starbucks korea 2019 halloween collection




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This witch hat chip and dip serving tray is the perfect match to the spellbinding cup.

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