13 Pinterest Food Fails To Convince You You’re Not The Worst Cook Ever


If your cupcakes never rise and your dough turns out more like soup, you might consider yourself a poor cook. However, anyone who thinks of themselves as bad in the kitchen might think again after they’ve checked out this post. These folks have seen a cool food project on Pinterest, decided to give it a go, and failed as miserably as it’s possible to fail. We thought that we needed to brush up on our culinary skills, but now we feel pretty darn professional! Here are thirteen epic Pinterest food fails that will convince you that you’re not the worst cook ever!



Oh, god… Santa, what happened to you?!


This fail’s enough to disturb your children for life!


Wow. Just…. Wow.


Well, at least they’re scary enough to serve on Halloween.


The call of Cthulu isn’t so strong with this one.


We sense a disappointed child somewhere in the vicinity of this photo.


Perfect for the Minecraft fan in your life….


This actually might be one of the most terrifying things we’ve ever seen.


Just what every Doctor Who fan wants to tuck into on their birthday!


These bowls aren’t going to be holding much…


We’re not sure how cake pops can go so wrong.


Uh… yeah, sure that looks like a bear….


Ariel? Is that you?!

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