Discover Why Posting A Picture Of Your Boarding Pass Online Is Dangerous


What do you do with your used plane boarding tickets? Some people keep them as mementos for that special trip, whereas, others tend to just throw them away in the trash once they have reached their destination. You will think twice about what you do with your used boarding passes when you read this article. You're about to find out something terrifying that you probably didn't know about and which you'll remember forever! Check it out!


You don't want your boarding pass to get into the wrong hands.

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Whatever you do, never post a photo of it online, you never know who's lurking.

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The scary thing about your boarding pass is that the barcode on the side can be decoded.

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Your address, phone number and also your credit card info is encoded in that barcode!

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The barcode is used for frequent flyer miles but could be used for far more sinister means if it fell into the wrong hands.

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You need to dispose of your boarding pass correctly so you keep your details safe.

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The best action is to completely destroy your boarding pass on arrival at your destination.

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Just be sensible, enjoy your travels and stay aware at all times.

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