New Cold Brew Gummy Bears By Sugarfina Are Actually Infused With Coffee

Gummy bears and coffee seem like an unlikely match and there’s no way we’re eating them together. But Sugarfina will make us do the impossible. The luxury candy store for grown-ups is going to surprise us again with its new Cold Brew Gummy Bears. If you can remember, Sugarfina has previously collaborated with Corona Light, Dom Perignon and Tito’s Vodka to bring boozy bears. Now, the ultimate candy boutique is teaming up with Alfred Coffee to bring us the new Cold Brew Gummy Bears. Obviously, you don’t need us to tell you that these gummy bears are made from real coffee. But we’re telling you anyway.

sugarfina cold brew gummy bears

Sugarfina introduces its first-ever Cold Brew Gummy Bears that are packed with caffeine to help you get through the day. These yummy gummies are infused with Alfred’s classic blend so it’s basically a cup of espresso that you can chew. Aside from the cold brew blend, other varieties such as Iced Vanilla Latte and Bourbon Cold Brew are also available. If you prefer sweet, creamy latte over plain espresso then tickle your taste buds with the Iced Vanilla Latte bears. But if you can’t survive a day without a hint of booze then go with the Bourbon Cold Brew Bears.

sugarfina alfred gummy bears resealable coffee bags

Cold Brew Gummy Bears

cold brew gummy bears plain espresso

Iced Vanilla Latte Bears

cold brew gummy bears iced vanilla latte

Bourbon Cold Brew Bears

cold brew gummy bears bourbon

The caffeinated gummy bears are exciting enough but wait till you see the packaging. Cold Brew Gummy Bears come in a sleek, resealable coffee bag containing 180 mg of caffeine for $14 each. You can also opt for the mini cup bundle of 3 where each flavor is contained in cute coffee cup. The 3 mini cup bundle can be yours for $21. Or you can get Sugarfina’s But First, Coffee tumbler together with two packs of Cold Brew Gummy Bears for only $25.

sugarfina cold brew gummy bears tumbler

Getting your daily dose of caffeine has never been these chewy and exciting!

Source: Sugarfina