It Took 26,000 Gummy Bears To Create This ‘Sweet’ Bed


This is the stuff dreams are made of. Imagine laying on a bed made from 26,000 gummy bears! A collaborative project between Craig's Beds, NYC, and TWELV Magazine, the bed was created as a promotional tool for the new Summerfield Craig's Bed which ships throughout the USA in a compacted box. Inspired by the gorgeously vibrant Alexander McQueen dress in one of the photos below, the finished bed is so much fun!


  One of the other reasons behind the creation of the bed was as a thank you message for all who buy from and support Craig's Beds. As well as this, Craig's Beds will be auctioning the piece with all proceeds going direct to The Mount Sinai Center for Cognitive Health to support their research into Alzheimer's disease. Its creators ask that if you have enjoyed looking at their creation that you try to spare a few dollars for their nominated charity. Click here to donate.
Website: CraigsBeds