Artist Duo Coderch & Malavia Create Stunning Expressive Sculptures That Capture The Human Body’s Beauty

In art, the human figure is reasonably the most popular subject and its depiction in various forms was prized more highly than still-life subjects such as abstracts and landscapes. Internationally renowned Spanish duo Joan Coderch and Javier Malavia are working on a project in which the human being is at the core of their art. These outstanding sculptors founded Coderch & Malavia project in 2015 which has become well-known for their refined sculptural technique that captures the movement and emotion of the idealized human figure.

Working mainly in bronze, the artist duo focuses on figure, emotion, and posture to bring the beauty and motion of a human being to life through their human body sculptures. Working together at their industrial studio in Valencia, Spain, they meticulously create each piece four-handed. Hence, both artists share in the creation of their pieces. Since 2015, they have created a variety of large scale and small scale sculptural masterpieces that perfectly mimic the emotion and movement of the human body.


Artist Duo Create Figurative Human Body Sculptures That Seem To Freeze In Motion

One of their most prominent pieces – Clio’s Dream – features a woman figure sitting curled up on the tips of her toes. Viewers can immediately recognize at first glance that the woman with a serene expression is depicted underwater as substantiated by expressive details such as the hair flowing outward from the head, bubbles clustering by the hair and legs, and its aqua-blue color. Although no water is included in the artwork, the figurative motion of the subject suggests that the woman is indeed portrayed underwater.



“The human being is three-dimensional,” the artist duo said. “Probably that is the main reason why we are attracted to sculpture. It is the closest artistic representation of ourselves.”

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