Creepy Confessions From Haunted House Workers

If you like a good fright, you’ve probably visited one of the many haunted house attractions that pop up all over the United States around halloween. These places are all about the suspension of disbelief, so you can really feel like you’re in a spooky haunted house, otherwise it wouldn’t be scary! That’s why it’s sometimes easy to forget that all the scary ghosts and ghouls are real people who work at the attraction. And, these people sure have some tales to tell! Here are twelve creepy confessions from haunted house workers. Check it out!

Creepy Confessions From Haunted House Workers

It just shows how good they are if you can still get scared when you know what goes on behind the scenes.


This person must have to avoid certain rooms!


They might scare a few people on the way home for free.


Now here’s a psychopath in the making…


Nobody should have to go through something like that.


Well, it’s a scary place.


We guess it’s one of the perks of the job.


It’s good to love what you do!


Don’t do anything too embarrassing while you’re in one of these places.


We know it can seem real, but some guests need to chill out!


If only you could work there all year round.


Someone’s fearless!

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