These Spooky Disney Halloween Succulents Light-Up At Night

If you think Disney only has The Nightmare Before Christmas to spook us out then think again. The truth is, they can turn even the friendliest character into a spooky spectacle. Just take these Disney Halloween Succulents for example. And when Disney and Halloween merge, you know it’s going to be scarily cute.

These Halloween-themed planters come in two different versions: Mickey Mouse Jack-O’-Lantern and Poisoned Apple. Both versions are made of ceramic with a faux succulent and batteries included. Furthermore, these Disney succulents feature a light-up function with 4 different color options including yellow, red, blue and green.


Disney Halloween Succulents

The Mickey Mouse Jack-O’-Lantern planter comes in the shape of our beloved mouse but with a jack-o-lantern design. On the other hand, the Poisoned Apple planter features the Evil Queen’s deadly weapon to take down Snow White. It comes in the form of a red apple with green-colored poison dripping all over it. On top of the planters are fake succulents that require no watering or any type of maintenance. When it goes dark, turn on the light-up feature and see the lights come out from the hollow eyes, nose and mouth for a spooky vibe.

mickey mouse jack-o-lantern planter


mickey mouse jack-o-lantern planter back


snow white poisoned apple planter


snow white poisoned apple planter back

So, if you think Mickey Mouse can’t possibly look scary, wait until you light this planter up in the dark to prove that you’re wrong. But nonetheless, the friendly mouse still looks adorable with the jack-o’-lantern transformation. For fans of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Poisoned Apple planter is sure to make the perfect addition to your space. Well, we all need to have some villainous fun from time to time.

disney halloween succulents light up


disney halloween succulents


disney halloween succulents light up green


disney halloween succulents light up blue

Source: BoxLunch | Mickey Mouse | Poisoned Apple