Hershey’s New Sugar Cookie Kisses Are A Sweet Treat Over The Holidays

Whether you’re naughty or nice, Hershey’s doesn’t discriminate as long as you love everything sweet. Now there’s the new Hershey’s Sugar Cookie Kisses to make our holiday season more festive than ever. Besides, we all know that the Christmas spirit is already in the air when holiday treats start appearing on the shelves. And we don’t even need to wait for December to get into the Yuletide vibe.

The new Sugar Cookie Kisses consist of sugar cookie crème filled with real cookie pieces. So, you’ll get a creamy-crunchy sweetness in every bite. This flavor seems perfect for the holidays because it wouldn’t be Christmas without the classic sugar cookie! Plus, the cookie pieces come in red and green colors to make it look more fitting for the festive season. Each piece is packaged in a silver foil with red stars, blue bells, green hearts and baubles. So, they sound amazing and look it to!


 Sugar Cookie Kisses


“The new melt-in-your-mouth Hershey’s Sugar Cookie Kisses candy embody that soft, sweet taste that is delicately crafted into one delicious bite, but no baking needed!” press material said.

Some lucky fans of the brand have already tried the wintry treat and the reviews have us impressed. Words like magical and fantastic have been used to describe the new treat so our expectations are high! We don’t know about you but we can’t wait to try this Christmassy candy.


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The candy history books are not ready for this one my friends? The cultivators of all things delicious @hersheys has blessed our chubby hearts once again!!(as if the last drop wasn't freaking magical) Hershey's Sugar Cookie Kisses provides a new wintery expeditions to our taste buds. The chocolate is layered with real sugar cookie vanilla, paired with real cookie pieces. What you're getting here is bits of vanilla cookie heaven ? Move to the damn side cookies & creme(not for to long boo LOL), but these new Sugar Cookie Kisses take the thrown???? You will be able to get this one starting real soon where ever hershey's is sold nationwide for a limited time!! I will update as found? Thanks to the Hershey's fam Anna & Kaylee and the rest of the gang for blessing us with yet another great snack? BTW::This is post one out of two for new Hershey's holiday drops? #hersheyskisses #hersheys #sugarcookiekisses #vanillacookie #cookieheaven

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The new Sugar Cookies Kisses will be hitting shelves in October 2020 in major retailers nationwide. So, you will be able to get into the holiday spirit early. This limited-edition offering comes in 7.5oz and 9-oz bags. Each packet also includes a free recipe for Holiday Sugar Cookie Blossoms printed on the back. So, you can also use it as a yummy ingredient to make actual Christmas cookies. For sure, our Christmas season is going to be more colorful.


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Likely the most anticipated brand new release from Hershey’s for the 2020 Christmas holiday season is their tenth (yes, tenth) flavor of Hershey’s Kisses for 2020, Sugar Cookie! If you’re like me and love sugar cookies, a good white creme confection and a crunchy texture, you’re going to devour these. They’re quite lovely with the white creme of the Kiss lightly flavored with sugar cookie (would that just be a vanilla flavor?) and actual cookie bits infused, bringing a nice crunch to these. With a bright holiday-themed foil, these should do well for creating holiday variety trays or unwrapped to top cookies for a meta treat. ? Thanks again to Hershey’s for the early sample. #HersheysKisses #SugarCookieKisses #HersheysKissesSugarCookie #candy #ChristmasCandy #holidaycandy #newfor2020

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