People Are Putting Purple Pumpkins On Their Doorsteps For Halloween

At the height of the global pandemic last year, many people feared that Halloween might be canceled. And with the self-quarantine and social distancing practices in full effect, it seemed that 2020 will have to pass without Halloween parties and even trick-or-treat. Thankfully, a certain community came up with a brilliant idea to save Halloween and the operation was called the ‘Purple Pumpkins’ project.

Households that abide by coronavirus safety rules can put purple pumpkins in their yards or doorsteps as an indication that trick-or-treaters are welcome to their houses. The purple pumpkin lets other people know that the house has taken safety measures to ensure that treats will be handed out in a manner that eliminates the threat of spreading the disease. This also includes taking precautionary measures such as wearing masks, regularly disinfecting the area, and handing out individually wrapped candies at a safe distance.


People Are Putting Purple Pumpkins In Their Front Yards To Welcome Trick-Or-Treat

purple pumpkins save halloween

As long as households follow these safety measures, they can be allowed to hand out treats for the Halloween night and keep up with the celebration. Placing purple pumpkins in your yard will let everyone know that it’s alright to trick-or-treat at your house. Furthermore, this will put parents at ease by ensuring that their kids are approaching houses that strictly comply with the coronavirus safety rules. So, they can trick-or-treat safety without any worries.


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Despite the pandemic scare last year, we were still able to celebrate Halloween with some minor restrictions. And with the Covid-19 pandemic still around, people are again advised to use purple pumpkins to send the message. You can simply do this by painting one with purple or cutting one out of purple-colored paper. More importantly, make sure that you’re following the coronavirus precautions to protect your home and prevent the spread of Covid-19 while passing out treats.




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