The New Fruity Pebbles Candy Bar Combines The Popular Cereal With Chocolate

Frankford has been leveling up their game by working in collaboration with other brands. The candy company recently partnered with Sour Patch Kids to bring us the Valentine’s-themed Conversation Hearts candies and with Kellogg’s to bring us Easter-inspired Froot Loops-Filled White Chocolate Bunnies. Frankford is now working together with Post Consumer Brands to create the Fruity Pebbles Candy Bar. So, fans of this classic crisp rice cereal can now enjoy it in a candy form.

The new candy bar has been spotted at Walmart. And it appears that they haven’t hit other stores just yet. So, we’re assuming that this is a store-exclusive item until further notice. Based from the photos shared online, the new offering comes as a white-colored candy bar. So, we’re guessing a white chocolate or a white crème candy bar. It is mixed with colorful Fruity Pebbles pieces to give you the crunchy yumminess of your favorite cereal in every bite.


Fruity Pebbles Candy Bar

The candy bar comes in a 2.75-oz king size pack which is reminiscent of the original cereal. Of course, the packaging features none other than The Flintstones which has been the ‘spokestoon’ for the brand since 1971. To stay loyal to the original cereal, the candy bar brings all the colors and the intense fruity flavor of the sweetened crisp rice cereal bits.

Frankford and Post are yet to provide details about the new candy bar. But since they are already available at Walmart, we can just try these treats for ourselves and let our taste buds decide. See you at Walmart!