‘Stick-Lets’ Are Handy Silicone Connectors That Allow Kids To Build Forts With Ease

Winter is just around the corner. Soon, thick snow will cover the streets, and we’ll be dealing with bone-chilling temperatures. Nonetheless, it’s never too early to plan for the next summer. So, how about building a fort for your next outdoor activity or indoor activity at least for now? We’re sure that the kids in your household would totally love that. Plus, with Stick-lets, building a fort will definitely be a breeze.


Stick-lets Creative Packaging and Product Shot


Sticks Connected by Stick-lets


What Makes Stick-lets Special?

These silicone connectors come in handy for connecting just about anything long and skinny like sticks or poles. As such, they’re the perfect choice for building forts and tiny yurts. They come in six vibrant colors, each with a different size and design. They’re durable, reusable, and weather-resistant.

Stick-lets with Two Holes and Three Holes


Sticks Connected by Stick-lets 2


The horizontal joints consist of Pardon My Purple and Monarch Orange. They work as flexible zip-ties ideal for connecting two sticks together. At the same time, they’re ideal for securing a stick to other structures like a fence or a bench.

Pardon My Purple Connecting a Stick to a Fence


Monarch Orange Connecting Two Sticks


Meanwhile, the triangle joints include Birch Bark White, Starfish Red, Huckleberry Blue, and Grasshopper Green.

Birch Bark White Connecting Three Sticks


Huckleberry Blue Connecting Three Sticks


All variants come with three holes, except for Grasshopper Green which comes with four. They’re perfect for joining a minimum of two sticks to a maximum of six sticks.

Grasshopper Green Connecting Three Sticks


Fort Shapes Created Out of Stick-lets


Connects More than Just Sticks

Industrial designer and a mom of two, Christina Kazakia, wants these to reconnect children with nature. Moreover, these silicone joints promote creativity among children and give them the freedom to build anything their brilliant minds envision.

Two Boys Playing with Stick Swords 2


Two Boys Playing with Stick Swords


“STICK-LETS® promote problem-solving, team building skills, imaginative dexterity, design discovery and hands-on learning through physical manipulation (i.e. built with your own two hands!).”

Girl Using Starfish Red to Connect Two Sticks


Sticks Connected by Stick-lets 2


You can get these silicone connectors here.

Watch this video to learn more about these bright colored connectors and to see them in action.