Genius Ideas That Could Actually Solve A Lot Of Problems

Inventions and brilliant ideas from different people from the past make up our daily lives. Although they have helped us in a lot of ways, there are still problems that are hard to solve. This article shows genius ideas from people that could actually work even if they sound a little bit crazy.

Here we have a list of genius ideas that could actually solve a lot of problems. And each one could surprise you in so many ways.


  1. This idea that if someone is convicted of rape and is later on proved to be not guilty, the person who wrongfully testified against the convicted should also spend the same amount of time the wrongfully convicted did.
Genius Ideas
armageddon020, Chris Carr


2. And this genius idea that both Siri and Alexia should only work after “please” and “thank you”. Something that could improve people’s manners especially children.

wandy24, f0t0boy


3. The same percentage of the minimum wage should be raised whenever the Congress give themselves a raise.

konag0603, itkannan4u


4. This idea to change the position of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre so people would take time looking at different paintings while searching for the painting.

Sylvester_Scott, Jasper Daniel


5. This genius idea of the “none of the above” option in the elections. The elections will have to be done again if the option wins, this time with different candidates.

burndirt, freakingnews


6. Poaching should only be considered illegal with the use of a weapon but consider it legal if the person used his bare hands.

Mutant_Llama1, HTH Photography


7. This genius idea of a reality show with 11 gay men and a straight man. The objective is to find out which of the gays is straight. Someone will be outvoted once a week. If all the gays outvote the only straight guy, they all win a million dollars. However, if the straight man is part of the last 2 in the house, he gets all the money for himself.

But there is a twist. The men are straight and none of them are gay. But they think that they are the only one.  – SubraBoi95


8. Another idea that the next time the CEO of United Airlines gets a reservation at a restaurant, let him take a seat. But shortly after, tell him that he has to give it up for other restaurant employees. Someone will film the fit that he will have and then call the police.

Sewer_Ice istockphoto

9. A Google-made self-driving care that has an “I’m feeling lucky” button. This button would take the driver to a random location.



10. This idea that people who are anti-vaccine live together in one place. They would all have to experience what it’s like to lose herd immunity.


11. And this genius idea of making Stevie Wonder the judge on ‘The Voice’ making every audition a true blind audition.



12. A genius idea of a gym membership that the more you go, the less you pay.



13. Allow children with names that are spelled incorrectly change their names when they turn 18.



14. An idea wherein Google switches everything to the metric system. Each year, the world will have to unify to that standard.

HandySamberg, Jen R


15. This genius idea of a microwave that plays a Youtube video with the length of whatever you typed in.

QuixoticViking, David Shane


16. A The Onion-written article about Donald Trump and see whether he retweets it.

nvanprooyen, The Onion


17. This brilliant idea of Pet Stores with reptile cages that are empty with the label chameleon. This is to see how long people will look. – Amazing Shoes


18. A mandatory police training wherein each one visits a precinct as prisoner without anybody knowing. With this, they get to experience what it is really like and make officers realize that they are all human too. – Cerulean_Shades


19. Google lets everybody know whether they are the first to google something. – istareblankly


20. A TV show entitled, “Help, I’m Wasting My Life”  Individuals who are smart and talented are given life makeovers and jobs that are useful to their skills. – ThneedSeed


21. Make about ten films using the same script with ten different directors, different cast, and crew. The release of the films will be on the same day.

deep_fried_guineapig, Jonathan


22. Instead of ultrasounds, they should show videos of dying children from diseases before any woman gets an abortion.

ryanneTX, Andrew Malone


23. Huge companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. should kill accounts of politicians that oppose Net Neutrality to 0.1KB/s monthly. Specifically, flag their accounts and move each one to throttled infrastructure. It would force them to call ISPs who oppose Net Neutrality.

kenef, U.S. Federal Communications Commission

24. This idea to remove the drinking age. Before one is allowed to drink, he or she should finish high school first. Graduation rates should increase too. – guitarguy109

25. Instead of a leap year, have one day with 615 days for every 1000 years. – reddit


26. Confuse Google trends by googling “lesbians on a bicycle”.



27. This idea of doing “127 Hours” again with Dwayne Johnson as the rock.



28. And Twitter bots replying to Trump tweets with “shut up”.

29. A Vatican Olympic Team, and to win, the team will solely rely on prayers to win.


30. And this idea where millionaires will have to live on minimum wage for at least a month.